We Will Not Fall – Benefit Compilation 4 Emilia – Vol. 1

It’s now available “We Will Not Fall – vol.1”
We’re on it with “Jacobin Fever”, from the album “Crush”.

We are bands, musicians, djs, writers, fanzines, labels/distros and listeners mostly located far away from the areas affected by the earthquakes.
Since we can’t all give a direct support to the population, we want to give a small contribution by selling this compilation on bandcamp.
All the revenues will be fully given to MUMBLE, an independent association, that will provide direct help to local population and town administrations.
Further information can be found here:

01. The Stompcrash – The London Fog
02. Mario Marinoni e la Metamorfosi – Barriere d’aria
03. The Last Cry – No Resistance (3 Crosses Mix)
04. Two Moons – Colors
05. En Velours Noir – Eternity (444 Cut Mix)
06. Winter Severity Index – While We’re Living
07. Ikon – Azkadelia (7” Version)
08. Vidi Aquam – Magic Door
09. The Spiritual Bat – Empty Halls
10. Yabanci – The Bless (Live)
11. The Brotherhood of pagans – Transient Light
12. Thanatos – Wastes
13. Date at Midnight – Spirit Dance
14. Horror Vacui – Yersinia
15. Jacquy Bitch – Abandonné
16. The Mescaline Babies – Jacobin Fever
17. Dystopian Society – Antisocial
18. Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) – Twerp
19. Floorshow – Sometimes I forget
20. Ordeal by Fire – Within a war (Fields of rape)
21. Scarlet & the Spooky Spiders – To the beach (Rehearsal Version)
22. Frankenstein – 13th Floor

Please, give your help for this compilation, it’s very important for us!

Thank you for all your support!



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